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Jewelry Story

Every piece of jewelry is hand crafted with loving care by Skye Productions. The pieces are unique and many times are one of a kind. The stones, metals or minerals used have medicinal properties; shown for centuries to be beneficial for healing! Merry has studied the medicinal use of stones; however there is just not space to include that information on the web page. If you are interested to learn more, there are a few references listed below. Most of all, you should have fun with your jewelry. And, if wondering what piece is right for you, remember that one is usually drawn to what one needs.

Our Jewelry is made from precious and non precious stones as well as sterling silver, 14K and 22K gold and gold fill. You will find a heart theme across many of the items, which our artisan’s bias. She finds hearts everywhere, the clouds, rocks, waves, on the road, even in debris sitting in the chicken’s water bowl, usually where ever she looks. Most of the small hearts you see have been designed and created out of precious metal clay or sterling silver by Merry. What wonderful medium to create. Metal forging is an amazing process to watch, something inert developing into something beautiful and meaningful.

So… pretty much if you like the jewelry piece, it is for you!

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