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Every wand is hand crafted with loving care by Merry Magic Wands, LLC. Many people ask, what is the power of the wand? Its power is to let you “be” in the present moment. If you are more present as the wand teaches, your life will change. All you have to do is close your eyes and use your imagination, see it and things will happen. Children have magic because they imagine and believe it! One 5-year old called after getting his wand for Christmas, he asked how it worked… as he hadn’t been able to produce a football player in the living room. When he closed his eyes and imagined it and cast his wand, suddenly he had his football player, plain as day… and then his airplane. Anything he wanted. Because he could imagine it he could see it. Perhaps the magic will be that he will be a football player one day? It never works how you think, but it does work.

There is no black magic in these wands and you can’t practice black magic with them. They are not tied to Wicken (a worship of nature). However, a witch or warlock may be attracted to them and may even be able to use them. One person tells of finally making peace with spiders after getting a special wand. If you are turned “off” by the word magic, you could call these Miracle Wands (Theistic religions) or Intension Wands or Aspiration Wands (Buddhist). As you look at the wands in the web page, enlarge them and see if it talks to you (not out loud), but if you are attracted to it, let it pick you and see its power! You may be drawn to several, buy them all (no, just joking)… if you struggle over a decision let you heart decide, you may be surprised. People’s egos argue with their heart… and …

They make terrific gifts for kids of any ages, 2 – 100. Use your heart to decide for others as well. Please remember to not allow young children to play with these wands unattended as many have sharp points or small items attached that a child may be able to swallow. You may see the word chakra associated with some wands; chakras are wheels of energy in your body that radiate light. Again, if that attracts you, go for it. You will find wands grouped by archetype: Wizard, Mother Earth, Princess, Jester, Knight or Warrior. What is an archetype? The stuff fairy tales are made of, an archetype is an original model from which others are copied. For instance, if one hears the word “king” you instantly have many ideas of a king in your mind. The same goes with “mother”. Below are descriptions of how our artist sees each archetype. If you would like to know more there are a few references listed at the end.

Wizard: A person with amazing abilities, the wizard is also known as a magician, a sage or a guru. The wizard watches the world come and go, but lives in the light. They symbolize the pre-existent meaning hidden in the chaos of life. Perhaps the most well known wizard is Merlin whose early teachings to Arthur, is discussed throughout mythology. The modern day archetype is Harry Potter who works with unknown wisdom… in radiance. These wands are made of all types of wood, see if one calls to you. Sometimes I use the “forbidden” woods because they are beautiful and may be just what you need.

Mother Earth: The mother who gives rise to others with a radiance of power and superiority yet filled with gentleness. She represents the matrix, the form to which all experience is poured. All these wands represent the resounding ability of mother earth and us to heal, many times, despite the odds. You will find an earth element in each of these wands to remind you of your roots as well as acting as a guide to heal.

Princess: The daughters of royalty, archetypal princesses are known to be protected by high walls, live life carefree, and are unconditionally loved. They are living the spoils of life. Though they may be trapped at some point by someone wicked, through their love and imagination, they are always rescued by a white knight! If you are drawn to princesses or pink sparkles, look through these wands and see if you can experience sweet love while feeling carefree and protected.

Jester: The person who is willing to make themselves a fool is well on their way towards enlightenment. Mythology always includes a trickster, whether it be the donkey laden Nasrudin or the wild Don Quixote, even Don Juan, they are fools who trick one into learning. Sometimes you just laugh, but ones thoughts will keep coming back to the lesson. Wild and crazy, these wands will entertain you and remind you that there is a time to be a fool and a time to knuckle down. Do you need to learn to laugh at yourself and be more of a fool?

Knight: The knight, a wanderer in search of a chivalrous adventure, looking for the Holy Grail. He is the protector of the truth. Wearing heavy armor to protect his heart, he finds, as his adventure comes to a close, that indeed the Holy Grail, hence the treasure, lies within his heart. Can you see armor, or are you searching? Is there a crack letting out the light?

Warrior: The warrior intuitively fights in battle. The battle may be external or internal. In mythology it is the warrior who hunts for food and protects us; however the “wild woman” is also a warrior. They respect authority, the land and all that dwell on it. These wands are made of real (recycled) or fake fur, adorned with native embellishments they can remind one of the warrior within, or help one see her “kick ass” cowgirl who seems hard as nails but alas…has a soft heart!

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