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Our Story

Skye Productions and Merry Magic Wands, LLC is a small cottage business (ok, a log cabin really). Nothing is made in quantity, so it may take up to 4 weeks to get your product. If it is in stock it can be shipped the next day. There are always elves waiting in the wings to help.

So… how did making magic wands start? Merry Lester, the artist who designs for Merry Magic Wands, LLC and Skye Productions, realized in 1998 that life circumstances had lead her to be an adult “way too early.” She felt like she wanted to get in touch with her inner child. An “ah ha” told her magic wands was the answer. “Really” feeling like a princess or knight or warrior may help. As she looked for wands she found them to be few and far between and very hard to find. What ones were on the market often lacked imagination, the very fabric magic works through. On day, for a fun girl’s outing, she and a friend decided to make wands. First was the trip to the store to buy the materials, than they started to make them. One day wasn’t enough to make the first prototype, so they reconvened a couple of weekends later (in the log cabin) to finish and think up other designs! Well… for Merry it didn’t stop there.

As she made more wands there were more and more ideas. Slowly ideas materialized into form and what was just a thought became reality. They developed into both simple and complex designs. Sometimes she would make a wand and wonder “where did that come from” and would meet a person the next week that the wand was perfect for. As the designs became more complex she needed more complex skills so she took up beading. Some wands were adorned with beads. Beading classes were followed by metal smithing classes. Merry continued to find entire new worlds and mediums for creation. After years being a physical therapist and a business person, she had finally found a way to create her ideas in an artistic form. To make a vision become form.

Beading makes unique gifts for friends, so Merry started with a few simple earrings followed by necklaces and bracelets. Someone would like a bracelet she was wearing and she would take it off and give it to them. The same went with necklaces and earrings. One day, a friend called her and asked if she could buy a few magic wands for her friends? The light went on and after having given away well over 200 wands and who knows how much jewelry, it seemed like a good idea. Merry was close to retirement so why not pay for her art habit by selling some. A consortium of artists gathered in 2005 for their first art show! WOW, selling metal sculptures, pottery, magic wands, jewelry and elk antler art. It was a big success. Now, Merry sells at some shows in Colorado, but mostly items are sold thorough word of mouth or the web. It allows Merry to still feel retired but get some of her designs out the door; the cabin is just too crowded otherwise. Merry says she has too much fun making wands and jewelry; and wants you to enjoy them as much as she has. Thank you for your interest in our site, if you want more information please feel free to contact us.